Civic Activity & Charitable Giving

by M. A. Schut, Family CPA

Commitment to family and commitment to community have been two hallmarks of the Secchia family in my 12 years of serving as their personal family accountant. Their ongoing significant support for community projects through the Secchia Family Foundation, UFP, SIBSCO, and personal gifts has given impetus to new ideas and continuing support for established programs that benefit the West Michigan community in many ways. They are truly a living example of leaving a community a better place than you found it.

The following is a description of some of the significant projects that have been supported by the Secchia Family Foundation.

  • Grand Valley State University — Secchia Hall, dormitory in the downtown Grand Rapids Campus.
  • Gerald Ford Foundation and Museum
    • Hall of Presidents Exhibit
    • The Cabinet Room — museum expansion project
    • The Bust of Gerald R. Ford at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport
    • The Legacy Program
    • Funding of bus transportation for school children to visit the museum
  • DaVinci's Horse — located at the Frederick Meijer Gardens and in Vinci, Italy
  • Michigan State University
    • Berkowitz Center/Breslin Arena — Chairman
    • Clara Bell Smith Academic Center — Co-chairman
    • Scholarships for study abroad. Speakers fund for Business School
    • Annual funds for coaches to travel
  • Spectrum Hospital
    • Heart Center
    • Lobby
  • Childrens' Hospital — Lobby
  • DeVos Place Convention Center
    • Ballroom Lobby
    • Parkinson's Laboratory
  • Kent County Millenium Park — Being Chairman of the "Secchia Millennium Commission" led to many contributions here.
  • East Grand Rapids High School
  • Jimmy Gerken Plaza
  • EGRHS Fitness Center
  • John Cabot University — Rome
    • Library
    • Computer Lab
    • Secchia Public Affairs Center
    • School of International Business
  • Scholarships — Secchia Family Foundation provides scholarships for West Michigan students and MSU students to study at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Qualifying students are able to study business related topics in an international setting.
  • Statues of historic personalities from our West Michigan community
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools — Refurbished the library at inner city school through Student Advancement Foundation